BEVS new products online training 2021
تاريخ الإصدار: 2021-08-30
انقر على معدل: 2418

On August 27, 2021, BEVS held an Online Training for global distributors including Japan, Italy, UK, etc. The topic of the webinar is to introduce new items developed this year, which includes 2806 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester (Four Channels), 1813 Dry Time Recorder(Six Tracks), 1818H Mini Film Applicator with heated vacuum bed.


BEVS 2806 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester (Four Channels)

This machine is used to test the abrasion, scrub and washability performance for many kinds of materials, especially water-based coating field. It can do the abrasion scrub test in wet and dry condition.



BEVS 1813 Dry Time Recorder(Six Tracks)

BEVS drying time recorder is a leading measuring machine for each stage of the coating drying process. It is a linear drying time recorder that can directly identify the drying time of each track which has the characteristics of intuition and good reproducibility, and can accurately evaluate each stage accurately. It uses touch screen control and custom start and test time to make the operation more intuitive and simple.



BEVS 1818H Mini Automatic Film Applicator

The BEVS 1818H Mini Automatic Film Applicator is an ideal machine for preparing a wide variety of product samples including paint, varnish, cosmetics and glue on substrates. Its special structure ensures the application smooth without the ridges which happens during the film application. The item is with heated function which is newly developed for special material which requests heat and it can reach 150℃.


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الناشر: Xiaohei
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الصفحة السابقة: Implementation of Two Measuring Standards
الصفحة التالية: Standard-Setting Conferences for Two Intelligent Testing Methods Were Successfully Held in BEVS