Ford Cup
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It is designed according to ASTM D1200, D333 and D365 standards and widely used to measure the viscosity of paints,inks, lacquers and other liquids.It is made of high quality aluminum with a stainless steel nozzle insert and the capacity is 100ml. Evaluate the viscosity of the material by measuring the time of a certain amount specimen in the aluminum cup outflows from the stainless steel nozzle in the bottom. 

Technical Specification:

◆Material: Cup body-aluminum alloy; Nozzle-stainless steel
◆Volume: 100 ml

ASTM D1200, D333, D365

Order Information:

Order No.Orifice(mm)Viscosity Range(cSt)Flow Time(Sec)
BEVS 1101/12.110~3555~100
BEVS 1101/22.825~12040~100
BEVS 1101/33.449~22030~100
BEVS 1101/44.170~37030~100
BEVS 1101/55.8200~120030~100

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