Single Sided Applicator
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Control the actual thickness of dry film or wet film by the precise test of coating. Excellent consistency and repeatability coating is required when testing the coating opacity, abrasion sag performance and other quality tests.

Technical Specification:

◆High grade stainless steel material
◆H-Sharp design
◆Available in 2 film widths: 50 or 75 mm
◆Available in 6 film thickness gap sizes: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 μm

Order Information:

Order No.Film Width(mm)  Gap Size(μm)
BEVS 1801/50/50:5050
BEVS 1801/50/75:5075
BEVS 1801/50/100:50 100 
BEVS 1801/50/125:50125
BEVS 1801/50/150:50150
BEVS 1801/50/200:50200
BEVS 1801/75/50:7550
BEVS 1801/75/75:7575
BEVS 1801/75/100:75100
BEVS 1801/75/125:75125
BEVS 1801/75/150:75150
BEVS 1801/75/200:75200

Other width and gap size are available upon request. 

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