Intelligent Tri-Glossmeter
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This BEVS portable intelligent glossmeter has a wide range of applications from matt to high gloss measurements, with advanced touch screen technology and ideal for production and laboratory.

Samples can be measured separately at each angle or at 2 or 3 angles simultaneously and effectively processed using the powerful built-in software.

Technical Specification:
◆Angle: 20°, 60°, 85°
◆Measurement range: 0-2000GU
◆Repeatability: ±0.2(0-199.9GU), ±0.2%(200-2000GU);
◆Reproducibility: ±0.5(0-199.9GU), ±0.5%(200-2000GU);
◆Precision: 1GU
◆Measuring area(mm): 10x10 (20°), 9x15(60°), 5x38(85°)
◆Display resolution: 320 x 240
◆Control: Touch screen with one key measurement
◆Memory: Basic mode: 3000 batches
                 Statistics mode: 3000 batches
                 Continuous mode: 1000 batches
◆Data port: USB & blue tooth

◆Automatic calibration integrated in protective holder.
◆Touch screen with one button measurement
◆Display reading, statistics and calibration procedure on colorful touch screen
◆One second to complete automatic calibration
◆Memory up to 16000 x 3 readings
◆Multi- languages menu available
◆Built-in battery with USB port
◆Transfer data to PC via USB cable, more extended functions
◆Blue tooth connection
◆Real-time to view measurement data via mobile phone

ISO 2813, ASTM D523, DIN 67530

Order Information:
BEVS 1503   Intelligent Tri-Glossmeter ( 20°/60°/85°)
BEVS 1503/1 Intelligent Glossmeter (20°)
BEVS 1503/2 Intelligent Glossmeter (60°)
BEVS 1503/3 Intelligent Glossmeter (85°) 

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