60° Glossmeter
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BEVS1501U is a newly upgraded 60° glossmeter from the original BEVS1501, manufactured according to ISO 2813, ASTM D2457, GB/T 9754, GB/T 9966 and GB/T 13891 standards.


♦Handy and portable

♦Single battery can be used for a long time

♦Long-life light source and good stability


♦Furniture, electrical appliances, automobiles and other industries: ink, paint, baking varnish,coating, wood products, leather products and other surface gloss

♦Building decoration industry: surface gloss measurement of marble, granite, vitrified polished tiles, ceramic tiles, floors, etc

♦Printing and packaging industry: surface gloss measurement of plastics, paper, etc.

♦Measurement of surface gloss of other objects

Technical info

♦Reading range : 0 - 199.9 GU

♦Indication error: <±1.2 GU

♦Stability: ±0.4 GU / 30 Mins

♦Measuring area: 14×30 mm

♦Dimension: 122×40×105 mm (L×W×H)

♦Power supply: 1.5 V

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BEVS 1501U 60°Glossmeter
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