Pencil Hardness Tester
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BEVS1301 Pencil Tester complies with the requirements of ASTM D3363 and ISO 15184 standard, through leaving a superficial trace on the dry coating film with a certain pencil hardness, the surface will be variably damaged by the hardest pencil to evaluate pass/fail or hardness. Recommend to apply on the smooth film surface.Use variety of different hardness pencils,the angle between pencil and the coated surface is 45°, scratch on the coated surface under a certain of force, the scratch resistance hardness of the coating is the pencil hardness which just scratched the coating.

Technical Specification:

◆Pressure of pencil tip: 1000/750/500g
◆The angle between pencil and film surface is 45°
◆Three points are touched on the tested surface (roller, pencil tip)
◆Scratch Speed: 1 mm/sec

Hardness Class:

◆Hardness Increase

◆Mitsubishi pencils are available upon request

ASTM D3363, ISO 15184

Order Information:

 BEVS 1301/500    Pencil Hardness Tester (500g)
 BEVS 1301/750    Pencil Hardness Tester (750g)
 BEVS 1301/1000   Pencil Hardness Tester (1000g)

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