Wet Abrasion Scrub tester
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This machine is used to test the abrasion, scrub and washability performance for many  kinds of materials, do the abrasion scrub test in wet and dry condition; touch screen control. It is widely used in water-based coating field.


Paint, coating, leather, wood, plastic, printing materials and fiber etc.
◆Big LCD design, touch-screen operation
◆Operating Menu: Chinese or English
◆Testing fluid flow is controlled by peristaltic pump

Technical Specification:

◆Scrub rate: 37±1 cycles/min
◆Maximum setting of abrasion times: 9999 
◆Sample thickness: 0-25 mm
◆Test panel thickness range:0-25 mm (Adjustable)


◆ASTM D2486, D3450
◆DIN 53778
◆ISO 11998/BS 3900

Order Information:

◆BEVS 2805 Wet  Abrasion Scrub Tester with one standard accessory below:
Optional Accessories:

◆BEVS 2805/1/P
Standard: DIN 53778
Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 250g, 2 brushes with natural bristle

◆BEVS 2805/2/P
Standard: ASTM D2486
Carriage assembly with pump, applied load 454g, 2 Nylon brushers, 2 rubber pads with 325×12.7×0.25mm brass shim

◆BEVS 2805/3/P
Standard: ASTM D3450
Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 1500g, 2 sponges

◆BEVS 2805/6/P

Standard: ISO 11998/BS 3900


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