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BEVS Drying Time Recorder is used for the test of drying time or gel behavior of a variety of paints and coatings. It has the characteristics of intuition and good reproducibility, and can accurately evaluate drying time in all stages. Initiative design of touch screen control,customized user-defined start time and test time ,make the operation more intuitive and simple.

Technical Specification:

◆Dimension: 550×530×200 mm
◆The number of tracks:10
◆Length of strips: 300 mm
◆Driver:5 sets of motors, 2 track / motor
◆Drying Time:
  -Standard track: 6,12,24,48 hours;
  -Customized track (track 1):
  Except the standard time, the user can customize the start and test time.
◆Function reset during the testing:
  During the test, user can change the test time and re-start again.

Test Timing Table:

Testing Time(hour)
Track No.6122448User DefinedFunction Reset
Remark: "√":The test canbeperformed.
 "User Defined":User can set the test time between 1 to 48 hours upon 
                     request,so that can conduct the personlizedtest.
"Function reset":During the test, user can change the test time and restart again. 


ASTM D5895

Order Information:

BEVS1815  Drying Time Recorder, including 10 x glass strip, 10 x stylus, 1 x BEVS 1805/1 Cube Applicator

Accessories of Dry Time Recorder--Glass Strip Holder

The holder is used to simply apply the paint to the glass strip to achieve film combined with cube applicator. It is made by high grade stainless steel to place the glass strip to allow the operator to hold the strip in position, cube applicator is positioned on the glass strip and fill paint into applicator depending on the demand and then applicator is drawn to the end of the glass strip.

Order Information:
BEVS 1815/P/003 Glass Strip Holder
BEVS 1815/P/004 Weight, set of 10, 5 grams per weight
BEVS 1815/P/005 Glass strip
BEVS 1805/1 Cube Applicator

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