Copo de permeabilidade Payne
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This BEVS simple instrument is used to determine the permeability of films of paints ,varnishes, coatings, coating systems and related products, it consists of aluminum cup, seal ring and threaded ring cover.

Under a controlled environment, the coating film is cut out to form a disc and fixed by seal ring/cover onto the cup which fill required liquid (distilled water) or dry desiccant, weight loss or gain of the cup's content over a specified time which is used to determine the rate of vapor transmission through the film. It is recommended to carry out the test in three times due to the film imperfections.

◆Precision machining ensures exposure area
◆Exposed area :10cm² or 25cm²
◆High grade anodized aluminum
◆Easy to use and clean

ASTM D1653, ISO 7783

Order Information:
BEVS 1122/1 Permeability Cup 25cm²
BEVS 1122/2 Permeability Cup 10cm² 

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