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BEVS 2202 Cross Hatch Cutter is designed and manufactured according to ISO 2409-1992, GB/T9286-98, BS 3900 E6 and ASTM D3359 standards.

Technical Specification:

Cutting Head No.Gap(mm)BladesCutters EdgesCoating Thickness(µm)
BEVS 2202/11680~60
BEVS 2202/211180~60
BEVS 2202/31.5680~60
BEVS 2202/426861~120
BEVS 2202/6368121~250

Order Information:

Standard KitContain
BEVS  2202/1C

Cross Hatch Cutter
     Carry Case
     Hexagonal Screwdriver

BEVS  2202/2C
BEVS  2202/3C
BEVS  2202/4C
BEVS  2202/6C
Simple KitContain
BEVS 2202/1S Cross Hatch Cutter
     Paper Box
     Hexagonal Screwdriver
BEVS 2202/2S 
BEVS 2202/3S 
BEVS 2202/4S 
BEVS 2202/6S 

Evaluation Criteria of Coating Adhesion Test:

 The edges of the cuts are completely smooth; none of the squares of the lattice is detached
 Detachment of small flakes of the coating at the intersections of cuts. A cross-cut area not significantly greater than 5% is affected4B1
 The coating has flaked along the edges and/or at the intersections of the cuts. A cut area significantly greater than 5%, but not significantly greater than 15% is  affected3B2
 The coating has flaked along the edges of the cuts partly or wholly in large ribbons, and or it has flaked partly or wholly on different parts of the squares. A cross cut area significant greater than 35% is affected2B3
 The coating has flaked along the edges of the cuts in large ribbons and/or same square have detached parity or wholly. A cross-cut area significantly greater than 35%, but not significantly greater than 60%  is affected 1B4
 Any degree of flaking that cannot even be classified

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