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BEVS Automatic Film Applicators are made with high precision machined components, sturdy mainframe and heavy duty power train assembly, to ensure long term reliable operation. Consistent drawdown conditions such as speed, flatness, combined with applicator gap and geometry are essential elements to obtain perfectly reproducible samples, eliminating human error and uncertainty.


◆Advanced touch screen technology

◆Film size:A4,A3 and User Defined.

◆Adjustable speed.

◆Report output:tab in the coating's name,viscosity,thickness for the report to be output.

Technical Specification:

Model BEVS 1811/1BEVS 1811/2BEVS 1811/3
Speed 10-140 /  50-300mm/s, please select the speed when ordering
Stroke Length   (Max) 360mm360mm 360mm 
Test Panel 420×300mm420×300mm 420×300mm 
Test   Platform Glass bed with   clampVacuum bed Heated vacuum   bed 
Bar   Coater CapacityDiameter 10-13mm10-13mm 10-13mm 
Length320mm 320mm 320mm 
Standard ASTM D823/CASTM   D823/C ASTM D823/C
Power 230±10%, 50/60Hz230±10%,   50/60Hz 230±10%,   50/60Hz 

Electrically Heated Vacuum Bed
BEVS automatic vacuum applicator is also available with an electrically heated vacuum
bed. The bed temperature can be set from ambient +5°C to + 150°C and temperature is
uniform over the whole bed.
◆Minimum temperature: Ambient +5ºC
◆Maximum temperature: +150ºC
◆Temperature accuracy: 1ºC

Order Information:

BEVS 1811/1              Automatic Film Applicator (with glass bed)
BEVS 1811/2              Automatic Film Applicator (with vacuum bed)
BEVS 1811/3              Automatic Film Applicator (with electrically heated vacuum bed)

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