Wet Film Gauge
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This Wet Film Gauge is used to measure the wet film thickness on smooth & flat coated surfaces such as lacquer, varnish, adhesive and other materials. It is made of high grade stainless steel, easy to clean with related solvent but hardly to damaged.

Wet Film Gauge

Technical Specification:

◆Shape of pentagon
◆Two scales available
◆Measuring Range (μm): 20-350 / 25-2700
◆Material: Stainless steel



Order Information:

 BEVS 1701/1 20-350μm  Wet Film Gauge
 BEVS 1701/2 25-2700μm  Wet Film Gauge

Other scales are available upon request

Wet Film Gauge(Aluminum)

Wet Film Gauge
Technical Specification:

◆Measuring Range: 25-2000 um 
◆Size: 89×66×0.8mm

Order Information:

BEVS 1701/3  Wet Film Gauge 
Other logo and company name can be printed upon request

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