Paint Inspection Gauge
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BEVS1707 PIG is using destructive method to measure coating thickness, containing single and multiple coats, applied on all of substrates, e.g.:aluminum, iron, plastic, wood, concrete, glass etc. 

Using Principle:

A cut is made on the test surface with a V-shaped tool.The coating thickness can be measured with the built-in microscope underthe LED light.


ASTM D4138, DIN 50986, ISO 2808

Technical Specification:

CutterCut AngleRange(μm)D Factor(μm)

Measurement Principle:

Operating Steps:

1   Prepare the inspecting area
2   Draw a line with the marker pen on the surface
3   Cut the coating vertically and make sure it is lacerated
4   Read the graduation-scale with the microscope to attain thickness

Order Information:

BEVS 1707 Paint Inspection Gauge, including 3 x cutters (No. 1, 2 and 3 each), 1 x battery, 1 x marker pen and 1 x carrying case


BEVS 1707/P/010             Cutter No.1
BEVS 1707/P/020             Cutter No.2
BEVS 1707/P/030             Cutter No.3 

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