Bench Glossmeter
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This small, portable instrument is made for measuring the gloss of curved surface, samll pieces, specially shaped surface of small products, application in the area of coatings, automobiles, toys, furniture, plastics, banknotes, teeth, ceramics etc.


◆Automatic calibration
◆One button operation
◆Colorful touch screen displaying readings, statistics and calibration procedure status.
◆Calibration can be done automatically within one second
◆Up to 3000 readings stored.
◆Convenient measurement with infrared sensor switch
◆Footswitch available for simple measurement

Technical Specification:

◆Repeatability: ±0.5GU(0-199.9GU) 
◆Measurement area:2x2mm
◆Display resolution:320×240
◆Control:Touch screen with one key measurement
◆Memory:3000 readings
◆Operation temperature: -10℃~40℃
◆Dimension:220×190×85mm (L×W×H)


ASTM D523, DIN 67530

Order  Information:

BEVS 1506 Bench Glossmeter
Delivery with 1 x calibration tile, 1 x USB cable, 1 x footswtich and 1 x  sensor switch.


BEVS1506/P/001 Standard Calibration
BEVS1506/P/002 USB Data cable
BEVS1506/P/003 Footswitch
BEVS1506/P/004 Optical Sensor Switch


            Footswitch                                          Sensor Switch

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