Linear Abraser
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It is designed according to the American Dupont standard and applied to the abrasion resistant test for all kinds of nonconductive coating layers. Judge the abrasion degree of samples by using rubber,artificial sweat, steel wool or alcohol to scrub the surface of the samples.


◆Big LCD design, touch-screen operation
◆Adjustable speed intelligent system, ensure the accuracy of sample measurement
◆Universal fixture to fix the sample in different shape & size

Technical Specification:

◆Humanized screen, touch-screen control
◆Rubbing frequency: No sections and adjustable speed frequency
◆Adjustalbe rubbing cycle times: 0–9999
◆Adjustable stroke length: 20-99 times/min
◆Adjustable rubbing distance: 10–50 mm
◆Test platform: 350×400mm (L×W)

Order Information:
BEVS 2803 Liner Abraser 

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