Intelligent Krebs Viscometer (Manual Type)
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BEVS 1133 is a new manual type Intelligent Krebs Viscometer that adopting the new touchscreen technology. It is applied for measuring Newton fluid or near non Newton liquids such as paint, coatings, adhesives, pulp, ink etc. High precision DC motor ensures accuracy value.

-Easy operation

-Humanization design

-Touch screen control

-Units: KU, G, cP simultaneously display

-Available to preset start test time and duration

-Real-time graph display between viscosity and time

-Real-time display environment temperature

-Available to measure sample temperature

-Output measurement report

Technical Specification: 

-Range: 40-141KU / 27-5274cp / 32-1099g

-Resolution: 0.1KU / 1g / 5cp

-Accuracy: ±1%

-Repeatability: ±0.5% (Full Scale)

-Rotation Speed: 200±1rpm

-Power: Max.18W

-Power: 100-250V 50-60Hz


Order Information: 
BEVS 1133 Intelligent Krebs Viscometer (Manual Type)
BEVS 1112/P/1 Spindle
BEVS 1112/P/2 Sample can, 500ml
BEVS 1112/P/3 Sample can, 250ml(with holder)

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