Intelligent Cone and Plate Viscometer
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BEVS 1132 Intelligent Cone and Plate Viscometer is a highly accurate instrument that research the rheological properties of fluid products. It is a automatic viscometer with adjustable shear rate and controllable temperature. High precision DC motor and automatic lifting platform to keep the viscosity measurement becomes simpler and more accurate.

Since Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluids show different viscosities relative to the shear rate, the BEVS1132 Intelligent Cone and Plate Viscometer strictly control the shear rate of 10,000 S  (BS standard) and 12,000 S  (ASTM standard). In addition, the shear rate of 333-20000 S  can also be freely controlled by the operator.

Since most viscosity measurements are very sensitive to temperature, the BEVS 1132 can accurately control the temperature control plate from +5 - 75 °C by placing the sample on the temperature control plate. The temperature curve and the shear rate viscosity curve can be obtained. The portable instrument makes it more practical and versatile in the study of rheological properties of Newtonian or non-Newtonian products.

-Automatic lifting

-Automatic measurement

-Compatible with various speeds

-High definition touch screen display

-Display temperature and viscosity curve

-Display shear rate

-Precise temperature control

-Output data and report

Technical Specification: 

-Rotational speed:100-1500 rpm

-Shear rate:333-20000 s

-Controllable temperature range:+5 - 75℃

-Cone:5 models

BEVS   1132/5Cone 10-5P,   0-500cP
BEVS   1132/10Cone 20-10P,   1000cP
BEVS   1132/20Cone 30.1-20P,   10-2000cP
BEVS   1132/50Cone 40.1-50P,   10-5000cP
BEVS   1132/100Cone 50.1-100P,   10-10000cP

-Resolution:1 cP

-Measurement accuracy:  ±1% (full scale)

-Measurement repeatability:±0.5%(full scale)

-Temperature resolution:0.1℃

-Temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃

-Input voltage:100-240VAC / 50-60Hz

BS 3900 A7-1,ASTM D 4287,ISO 2884-1 

Order Information: 

BEVS 1132          Intelligent Cone and Plate Viscometer (without cone)

BEVS 1132/5       Cone 1 with 5 oils (0-5P)

BEVS 1132/10     Cone 2 with 5 oils (0-10P)

BEVS 1132/20     Cone 3 with 5 oils (0.1-20P)

BEVS 1132/50     Cone 4 with 5 oils (0.1-50P)

BEVS 1132/100   Cone 5 with 5 oils (0.1-100P)

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