Intelligent Rotothinner
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BEVS 1131 Intelligent Rotothinner is used to measure the viscosity of most non-Newtonian and Newtonian fluids. The speed is 562 rpm. It is a two-in-one instrument for researching  the viscosity of materials and on-line inspection of products. It is easy to continuously monitor the viscosity of the test sample when adding thinner or additives. The instrument can also start to test the viscosity according to  the preset time. The testing time can be freely chosen by operators, and the temperature of samples can be measured in real time. It provides accurate data related to shear properties. It is ideal for R&D, laboratory and QC application.

-Automatic lifting

-Automatic measurement

-High definition touch screen display

-High precision measuring motor

-Easy to operate and use

-Data saving and output

Technical Specification: 

-Spindle speed:562 rpm ± 1%

-Spindle:3 models of spindles(spindle 1, spindle 2, spindle 3)

BEVS   1131/25Spindle 10-25P,   0-2500cP
BEVS   1131/80Spindle 20.1-80P,   10-8000cP
BEVS   1131/360Spindle 31-360P,   100-36000cP

-Resolution: 1Cp 

-Accuracy:  ±1%(full scale)

-Repeatability:±0.5%(full scale)

-Sample can: 250ml tin can

-Input voltage:100-240VAC / 50-60Hz


ISO 2884, BS 3900 A7

Order Information: 

BEVS 1131 Intelligent Rotothinner  (without spindle)

BEVS 1131/25 Intelligent Rotothinner  (0-25P)

BEVS 1131/80 Intelligent Rotothinner  (0.1-80P)

BEVS 1131/360 Intelligent Rotothinner  (1-360P)

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