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In order to on-site make film to obtain good coatings and instantly detect the performance of coatings in real time, BEVS has developed a practical set of film-application instruments, which has exquisite appearance and durability.

This kit includes 22 items for viscosity, adhesion, fineness detection and film making. It enables you to more intuitively and systematically understand the film application and testing products. It is the best portable instrument kit for sales engineers or after-sales engineers.

Technical Specification: 

ClassificationNo.ModelProduct Quantity
Viscosity1BEVS1101/3   Ford Cup1
2BEVS1108/4   Din Cup1
3BEVS1106/4  ISO Cup1
4BEVS1118/4   Afnor Cup1
5BEVS1102   Cup Stand1
Specific Gravity6BEVS2101/50 Specific Gravity Cup (Al)1
7BEVS2102/50 Specific Gravity Cup (SS)1
Fineness8BEVS1908/100 Double Channel Grind Gauge1
Flowability9BEVS1809/2   Sagging Applicator1
10BEVS1810/2   Levelling Applicator1
Permeability11BEVS1122/2 Payne Permeability Cup1
Application of Film12BEVS200/4  Bar Coater(4µm)1
13BEVS200/100   Bar Coater (100µm)1
14BEVS180/1    Cube Applicator1
15BEVS1803/60/2  Four Sided Applicator1
16BEVS1806A/100  Adjustable Applicator1
17BEVS1819/80/1Four Sided Applicator with Reservoir1
Thickness18BEVS1701/1   Wet Film Gauge (SS)1
19BEVS1701/3   Wet Film Gauge (Al)1
20BEVS1702/100  Wet Film Thickness Wheel1
Adhesion21BEVS2202/1 Cross Hatch Cutter1
22BEVS2203  Multi-hatch Gauge1

Packing box dimension: 520×370×155mm

Total weight: 10kg

Order Information: 

BEVS 1830 Film Application Kit

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