Automatic Cylindrical Bend Tester
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BEVS 1608 Automatic Cylindrical Bend Tester is for measuring the flexibility and adhesion properties of coatings or other material. During the test, the substrate is wound on a cylindrical shaft, and it can be simply measured whether the paint film on the shaft of known diameter is qualified or damaged. It is also possible to determine the failure point, that is, to start with the largest radius cylindrical axis in turn, and replace it with a smaller diameter cylindrical axis to test the diameter of the cylinder when the paint film cracks. It is also possible to test the number of bending resistances by fixing the cylindrical shaft and setting the number of bending. The instrument automatically bends to avoid various uncertain errors.



Automatic bending

Adjustable bending speed

Adjustable bending times


Technical parameters:

Bending times: 1-99999 times

Speed: 10-60 rpm

Sample thickness: 0.3-1mm (1mm samples can only use shafts with a diameter greater than 5mm)

Test cylinder specifications: 2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/13/16/19/20/25 / 32mm

Maximum sample width: 70mm

Dimension: 450 x 320 x 350mm (length x width x height)

Power: 120W

Power supply 100-230V 50/60HZ



GB/T6742, ISO1519-93, EN 13523-7, ASTM D522


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BEVS 1608 Automatic Cylindrical Bend Tester

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