Automatic Film Applicator
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The machine is used to prepare uniform, traceable, stable and reliable coatings. It is fast and automatic which greatly improve the reproducibility and efficiency, and obtains a uniform coating with the same physical properties, appearance, and chemical properties. It eliminates various instabilities caused by human factors such as speed, pressure and direction and provides highprecision sample for testing the rheological properties, wear resistance and hiding power of raw materials.


-5 vacuum zones for different-size substrate

-7 inch capacitive touch panel 

-Vacuum strength adjustable

-With anti-dripping pan

-Changeable bed, glass/vacuum

-With 2 kg weight set

-Freely set the start location of drawdown

Technical Specification:

Speed: 1-350mm/s 

Total stroke length: 455mm

Drawdown length: up to 420mm, technically up to 455mm

Substrate thickness: up to 30mm

Glass/vacuum bed size: 500 x 330 x 12/22mm

Power supply: 110 - 220V

Machine size: L640 x W470 x H290mm

Order Information:

BEVS 1811GV Automatic Film Applicator

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