Pencil Hardness Test Platform
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The BEVS 1321 Pencil Hardness Test Platform is to assist the pencil hardness tester for testing. It solves the problem that the pencil hardness tester cannot draw a satisfactory scratch length on the small test panel.


Simple and easy to operate

Small and light, easy to carry for lab and onsite test

Suitable for various pencil hardness testers and test panels of various specifications


Technical Specification

Minimum test panel: 50 x 50mm,thickness 0-5mm

Maximum test panel: 150 x 150mm, thickness 0-5mm

Suitable for BEVS pencil hardness tester models: BEVS 1301 series and BEVS 1309

Dimension: L310 x W135 x H90mm

Order Information

BEVS 1321 Pencil Hardness Test Platform 

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