Automatic Drawdown Master
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The BEVS 1821 Automatic Drawdown Master is a dual-purpose machine that integrates grind gauge scraper drawdown and film applicators drwadown. Benefit form its constant pressure and speed, the drawdown is of high repeatability which eliminates human error. When doing a grind gauge scraper drawdown, place the grind gauge and scraper, click the button to start the drawdown. Film applicators drwadown is the same way to use. The machine is easy to use and clean which brings users great convenience.


-Touch panel control

-Stable speed and automatic drawdown

-Adjustable speed

-With light source

-Real time display adjustable pressure

-Support various grind gauges and film applicators

Technical Specification: 

-Drawdown speed: 10-150mm/s

-Pressure: 2-5kg

-Scraper angle: 85°

-Coating size: A5

-Dimension: L265 x W270 x H420mm

-Power supply: 110V/220V, 50/60HZ

How it works:

-With grind gauge

-With manual applicator and bar coater


ASTM D333, D1210, GB/T6753, ISO1524

Order Information: 

BEVS 1821 Automatic Drawdown Master 

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